How to Track my Order?


Once you place your order, Carbon Racing will process the order within stipulated period and hand the package over to the courier company. Then courier company process it and provide a Tracking Number to Carbon Racing, which we will update in your order and send an automated email. Now this is how you track your package.


Shipped Through India Post:


1)  When we update your order, you will receive an email with the heading "A shipment from order CR-OD-XXXX is on the way"

Click on "View Your Order" in that email.


2) You will get a pop-up page where you can see your order details. In that page, find your tracking code, in the "Other Tracking" Section.

3) Copy the Tracking Number, and click on it to open the tracking webpage. Follow the steps mentioned in the screenshot below.


There you go. All done !!!!

Keep the track of the package or add your email and Phone here on the above page for automatic updates if you wish.