Question 1: What is the Capacity of the AdvenTOUR Panniers?  

AdvenTOUR Aluminium Panniers have a volume of 38 Liters Each side. Total 76L capacity per pair.

Question 2: What kind of Mounting System available for the AdvenTOUR Panniers?

We have our EvoX AdvenTOUR Saddle Stays converted into the Pannier Mount with a converter kit.

Question 3: Can I use the same boxes when I upgrade to a bigger bike?

Absolutely. AdvenTOUR panniers are designed to be universal. As long as you have our specific Mount Kit for your nex tbike, you can port the box on to the Next bike.

Question 4: What is the material used for the Panniers?

We have used a very tough Nylon polymer with few more polymers blended for the Top and bottom portion of the Panniers. The center wall is an Aircraft grade Aluminium which was used for the Dominar Polar Odyssey Panniers made by us.

Question 5: How much R&D went into this product? And how it is useful for me as a customer?

We have spent over 2 years developing an unique pannier and the mounting system which should provide various advantages over the other panniers available in the market. As a customer, you can expect a thoroughly designed and tested product manufactured using the latest cutting edge technologies. We will assure that the product you get are technically a very advanced product that all other options you may have in the market already. 

Question 6: What all the factors considered while designing and making this product?

We always think as an end consumer and while designing a product, we design it in accordance with what WE as a customer would expect From a Company when we are spending big bucks for the product. Below are a couple of points considered while designing and manufacturing this product.
a) Quick Lock/Release: Locking and unlocking from the mount kit should not take more than 10 seconds for both the operations.
b) Mono Key for the entire set, means one key will unlock all the locks, so one do not require to carry many keys .
c) Complete Waterproofing. A separate waterproofing channel needs to be integrated.
d) Tough top and bottom to save the body from flying debris and vandalism to the maximum extent possible.
e) This product must have very unique design which should translate into our own design language
f) Weight Reduction: Weight of the product should not be more than 2.5Kgs per side excluding Mount kit. As we hate loading our bikes with un necessarily heavy material.
g) Tapered bottom edge to provide better degree of fall protection against normal falls.
h) One product to suit every bike, so that customers do not need to buy another whole product when they buy a new bike

Question 7: I already have the saddle stay from Carbon Racing for my bike. Will this product fit on it, or do I have to buy a pannier mount again?

The reason we made AdvenTOUR saddle stay for Dominar and stopped at that without making them for the other bikes is, "we respect your hard earned money". So the idea was to make sure that our AdvenTOUR saddle stays can handle the pannier range too. With a converter kit we will be giving with panniers for the existing saddle stay customers "For Free of cost", you can make your saddle stay, pannier ready in a couple of minutes. More details will be added soon.

Question 8: Can I install it on my existing saddle stay from other vendor?

NO. All our upcoming panniers can be mounted only on our AdvenTOUR mounting kit, as it comes with the special locking mechanism.

Question 9: When can we expect the product to be released?

We are expecting an official launch in December 2019. 

Question 10: When can we pre-order this product?

We will accept pre orders after launching the product.

Question 11: Can you provide an expected price range?

Pricing will be revealed during the product launch.

Question 12: When can we expect the delivery once we pay for the product?

We are planning for the launch in October/November, as that’s when we will get our patent approval for the product. Once launched, we will start shipping the products within 3-4 days of launch for the pre -order customers. 

Question 13: How long we can expect the pre-order to run? 

Since we feel that we need to give more time to the customers to gather the required amount, as not everyone is fortunate enough to have the funds ready always, we will run the pre-orders for a month post launch.

Question 14: What if we want a refund and want to cancel the pre-order?

We respect your decision. So we will allow the cancelation if your product is not yet shipped from our end. We will send you an email one day before shipping and we will ship the product the other day, if we don’t see any request for cancelation till the next day noon. Then we will ship in the evening that day. You will be thoroughly informed about the shipping schedules few days ahead. You will receive a complete refund with not a single rupee deducted if you want to cancel.

Question 15: Can I come to your store and buy? Will I get a discount?

Everyone will get the product at the same price. We will never descriminate between customers

Question 16: Can I get it without bill? It will save me some amount.

We have reduced the product price so much just because we want to see you happy. At the same time, we can not approve back hand deals which evades taxes. This is the best offer you will get, ever, anywhere.

Question 17: Is there any additional offers/promotions during the initial period?

Absolutely. We have planned for something which no one else offered so far. Please wait and watch out for the posts we are going to add soon.