Welcome to Carbon Racing (R).

A brainchild of passionate bikers who wanted to bring a difference by offering the thoroughly made products at close to manufacturing costs and enrich the community.

What was the motivation to start as a company?

During early 2013 the concept of starting a company which does not aim to make any profits was born. There were no companies making any products locally, and Indian biker fraternity largely relied on quality but expensive imported products or cheaper Chinese products. Hence we decided to step up and fill the void, but stay non-profit.

After 2 years of back-end process, Carbon Racing (R) was officially born on 03-Aug-2015.

How do we operate?

Carbon Racing operates under "AAYUSH Charitable Trust (R)", which is involved in various charitable functions and mainly focus on Uplifting Orphan Children.

We operate online via our website only to cut the overheads on the customers who have to pay for the extra services if hosted on Amazon etc. Also we keep minimal select dealers in strategic places so that we can offer touch and feel aspect of the products but at a very little overhead costs to the customer.

If it is a non-profit how Carbon Racing (R) is funded?

Our parent company which funds Carbon Racing (R) is into many ventures involving sheet metal works, fabrication, Tool and Die making, plastic production etc. We supply the products to many Electrical and Automotive industry OEMs. Hence Carbon Racing (R) is a residual company, means there is no cost involved in infrastructure, as we are utilizing the same infrastructure, same staff during the machinery idle times. 

This way we are able to deliver top quality products at absolutely lowest price with respect to the quality on offer, as we have reduced the manufacturing overheads as much as possible. 

How are you limiting the spending?

We spend only on what is absolutely needed. We spend on top quality raw material, power etc which are inevitable. We are mostly cutting down the costs in unnecessary advertisement, promotions, celebrity features etc so that the costs of manufacturing is kept the lowest without compromising on the quality of the material just because the spending is higher. We believe the slow and steady word of mouth method, where the happy customers themselves promote the products.

What is our broader goal?

We will continue to bring more usable products which the community needs. And we always are on the lookout for adding newer technologies which enrich our product line up.